A Specialty coffee explosion 💥 (and info newcomers)

November 18, 2017


In recent years there's been a massive amount of people who have changed their mind about specialty coffee and made it their favorite coffee type, this is great for all of the smaller specialty  coffee roasters and shops since there's a broader range of clients than before. This happened basically because the new generation of roasters and specialty coffee shops noticed that they didn't just want "coffee addicts" or coffee sommeliers buying their stuff, instead what they wanted was that the general public got a taste of it without feeling overwhelmed. 

What this new generation basically did was expand on their products and give the general public a taste of what specialty coffee is without it being super intrusive and it's GREAT. 



For those of you new to specialty coffee, I'll give you a little bit of info so you can understand a bit more about it! 


Specialty coffee is a type of coffee that scores above 80 on a 100 point scale. For a better notion of the coffee "grade" below I'll leave a little chart so you can guide yourself through this process. 


  • Less than 80 points is below specialty coffee. This can be your off the shelf coffee. 

  • From 80 to 84.99 is specialty  coffee of very good quality and is and entry point in specialty category (with this I'm not saying there bad in any way) 

  • From 85 to 89.99 is specialty  coffee of excellent quality and is our mid tier category. 

  • From 90 to 100 is specialty coffee of superior or outstanding quality and is the top of line coffee, outstanding flavor and aromas. 

Specialty  coffee is generally grown in high altitudes, with the right soil and at the perfect time of year, it takes time and patience to fine tune the process but the results are fantastic. 


Hope this let's you understand a bit more of specialty  coffee and normal coffee. If you really want to know more of the coffee you're buying, ask the barista of the coffee shop and he'll kindly give you a little insight on the flavors and aromas. 


Something to watch out for when drinking specialty  coffee is the acidic levels since not everybody likes the taste of strong acidic coffee. 


With all this being said, I invite you to journey into the world of specialty  coffee and give different tastes and aromas a try! Think of it like a wine drinking experience you can even have with the family! And if you're already deep in that journey then get ready to start learning of new international brands that are growing at the speed of light! 


Much love! 



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